Johanna Souru

My childhood art hobby and design studies have given me a strong visual foundation. I found a space, joy and passion for painting after a pause of many years. Painting is for me a channel to not performing. I'm inspired by nature's details and it's fragility, especially by flowers and the transitory nature of light. Painting is birthed in the moment, while playing with children or interspersed with daily tasks. In the flow of painting I reconnect with my feelings and cleanse my body from all the worlds tension. Painting is joy for me. In this very pure space, images and stories are born from within me.

When looking at art, time stands still and the mind calms down. Let the stories flow. xxx Johanna

Johanna is a multidisciplined designer and artist. She has wide experience in fashion, cosmetics and retail marketing. Now she is working as freelance designer creating visual stories for brands and expressing herself as an artist. She calls her self a visual storyteller and brushed stories is her artistic playground.


DESIGNER at Lahti Institute of Design in Lahti

1999 – 2003

Package & graphic design

ART at Kanneljärvi Art School

1998 – 1999

Kanneljärvi opisto
1998 – 1999

Painting, drawing and graphic art

ART SCHOOL at Lohjanseudun Kuvataidekoulu

1988 – 1996



Beauty & Pints Solo

Brygga Citybar Lahti


Espoo Art ry – 40 värikästä vuotta 27.4.- 15.5.2016 Group

Kaapelitehtaan Puristamo Helsinki

Hauras Maa Group

Galleria Fogga Helsinki


Puristamo, Kaapelitehdas Helsinki

Kanneljärven Opiston taidelinja 10 v.

Hullaannus SOLO

Taidekellari Lohja

Ryhmä X kuvataidekoululaiset GROUP

Kuvataidekoulun galleria Lohja

Lohjan taideyhistyksen ja taiteilijaseuran pisteytysnäyttely GROUP

Taidekellari Lohja